St Anne’s
Catholic Primary School
St Anne's


Charging and Remissions Policy
The school offers a range of activities which broaden and enhance the curriculum. Many of these cannot be offered without contributions from parents. Theatre and museum trips, visiting authors, workshops and musicians, field trips and outdoor and adventure camps are some of the enrichment activities that cannot be provided without contributions.
No pupil will be excluded due to an inability to pay. However, activities may not take place if insufficient contributions are received.

Complaints Procedure
As required by Section 28 of the Education Reform Act 1988, the local Education Authority have drawn up a procedure for dealing with complaints from parents.
The main purpose of our complaints procedure is to solve problems and to give parents a means to raise issues of concern and have them addressed. At St. Anne’s we place great importance on attempting to resolve problems before they become formal complaints. All complaints are treated respectfully.

It is hoped that if concerns arise you will discuss these immediately with the Class Teacher. Please make an appointment to see the Head Teacher should your concerns not be resolved.
If a complaint cannot be brought to a satisfactory conclusion a formal complaint can be made to Staffordshire Education Authority.
A copy of our Schools Complaints Procedure is available from the School Office.

Medicines in school
In line with medical advice children with inhalers may keep them available at all times. Other prescribed medicines are discouraged from being brought into school unless absolutely necessary. Medicines needed three times a day will be administered, Parents are required to leave the medicine with the school office and complete the relevant paperwork.
Our aim is to enable children to attend school, if their health allows. So, non-prescription medicines such as Calpol will be administered on a considered basis with relevant paperwork completed.
If medicines need to be administered in school times then parents are most welcome to come to school to do so.