St Anne’s
Catholic Primary School
St Anne's


Health and Sex Education is taught through our Science and Personal, Health and Social Education curriculum. In Key Stage 1 it is concerned with growing up and building relationships. This is developed in Key Stage 2. In years 5 and 6 more formal sex and relationship education is undertaken.

THE CHURCH teaches the importance of the link between holistic human development and education in sex and relationship. In this context sex and relationship education is not something to be fearful of but contributes to both pupils’ personal development and the Common Good. At St. Anne’s we uphold the importance of pupils learning to love faithfully, through their learning of God’s love for them.

St. Anne’s School follows the Birmingham Diocese “all that I am programme.”

The programme is taught in close liaison with parents who are invited into school to study the resource materials that are used. Permission is requested from parents as to whether they wish their child to take part .